Our real estate notes are short term due to the needs of the borrower.


Interest rates are higher than you can earn in any other vehicle.


You are always in first position, so your investment is secure.

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For many years the banks and mortgage companies have been the only segment of our economy earning higher rates of interest on secured assets.  Now, (this site) offers the opportunity to high net worth individuals to take part in these types of investments.

We represent mortgage company partners to offer accredited and institutional investors seeking high-yield, short-term, real estate-secured investments.

We solve the problem of inefficient, fragmented, and opaque real estate private lending by using technology and data-driven processes to create transparency and to efficiently match real estate notes with our investors.

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We partner with mortgage bankers who typically sell their paper to traditional banks but now, they are available to our investors.


Adding real estate notes to your portfolio will earn you a better return on your investments, securely.